Stages of Initiative's Work

The targeted villages most in need were divided according to the data and surveys of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) in coordination with the relevant ministries and bodies.

First phase of the initiative:

It includes villages having 70% of poverty rates or more: the villages most in need that require urgent interventions.

Second phase of the initiative:

Villages ranging from 50% to 70% of poverty rates: the poor villages that need intervention but are less difficult than the first group.

Third phase of the initiative:

Villages below 50% of poverty rates: fewer challenges to end poverty.

The First Phase of Implementing the Initiative

The first phase targets 1413 villages most in need and the most vulnerable ones to extremism and intellectual terrorism, where their poverty rates ranging from 70% or more. It also targets 20 governorates, 52 centers, and 10611 dependencies.

The Basic Criteria for Identifying the Villages Most in Need

  1. Poor basic services such as sewage and water networks
  2. Low rates of education and high density of school classes.
  3. The requirement for intensive health services to meet the needs of health care.
  4. Poor conditions of road networks.
  5. High rates of poverty of the families living in those villages.