Initiative Interventions

Themes of the initiative

  • Decent housing: such as upgrading houses, building roofs, building housing complexes in the villages most in need, and extending water connections, sanitation, gas and electricity inside the houses.
  • Infrastructure: such as Micro projects and activating the role of production cooperatives in villages
  • Medical services: such as building hospitals and health units, equipping them and operating them with medical staff. The services include launching medical convoys and providing health services such as prosthetic devices (hearing aids, glasses, wheelchairs, crutches, etc.).
  • Educational services: such as building and increasing the efficiency of schools and nurseries. The services include equipping them, providing educational staff,
    and establishing literacy classes.
  • Economic empowerment: such as training and employment through medium, small and micro enterprises
    It also includes industrial and craft complexes and providing job opportunities.
  • Social interventions and human development: social interventions include building human beings. They target family, children, women, and people with special needs, the elderly and awareness -raising initiatives.
    They also include providing and distributing subsidized food baskets. They include orphan marriage concerning preparing marital homes and planning group weddings
    They also include childhood development: by establishing home nurseries to save mothers' time in doing their productive role and taking care of their children
  • Environmental interventions: such as waste collection and considering ways to recycle it...etc.