Initiative Objectives

1. Alleviating the burden of citizens in communities most in need in the countryside and slums in urban areas.

2. Comprehensive development for the neediest rural communities to eliminate multidimensional poverty in order to provide a decent and sustainable life for the citizens at the Republic level.

3. Raising social, economic and environmental level of the targeted families.

4. Providing job opportunities to support the independence of citizens and motivate them to improve the standard of living for their families and local communities.

5. Showing the local community a positive difference in their standard of living.

6. Organizing among civil society and fostering confidence in all state institutions.

7. Investing in the development of Egyptian citizens.

8. Closing the developmental gaps among centers and villages and their dependencies.

9. Reviving the values of shared responsibility among all partners to unify development interventions in centers and villages and their dependencies.